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BMW / Audi / Land Rover / Jaguar 6HP Automatic Transmission - Phoenix, 12/5
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BMW / Audi / Land Rover / Jaguar 6HP Automatic Transmission - Phoenix, 12/5


with Niel Speetjens

German precision and technology by ZF in BMW. This transmission technology was also widely used in Jaguar, Audi, Land Rover, Ford and GM applications. This class will cover the 6 speed transmission for BMW and will start with the fundamental facts about a torque converter. The torque converter is the biggest heat source in an automatic transmission and the participant will learn about common failures and diagnostics.

During the class, the participant will gain full working knowledge of the BMW 6 Speed transmission while topics like torque flow and shifting elements are covered. Also reviewed in this class are the different applications of brakes and clutches in the mechatronic. This will transition into the function of the pressure regulator and solenoid. 

The greatest take away from the seminar is the understanding of how the transmission shifts and how to read the specific shifting matrix. Learn hands-on with the actual 6 speed shifting matrix.

Transmissions are intricate machines,so there’s even more to learn in order to have an understanding on diagnostics.The attendee will also have a chance to learn what a transmission adaptation is and how to read and interpret the different values with a diagnostic tool on a live BMW Vehicle. Additional topics covered are the Limp Home function, coding issues, internal shift and external transmission. 

The presented knowledge allows the participant to quickly diagnose common errors. Transmission flashing will be taught at the vehicle as well and the participants will perform an oil change as well how to service the mechatronic.

Common Failures, problems and how to rebuild the ZF 6HP Transmission will be taught at a Transmission and every participant has the chance for hands on interaction.

Time: 8 hours

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

•      List internal components of the BMW 6 Speed transmission

•      Describe the function of the torque converter and lock up clutch

•      Describe differences between pressure regulators and solenoids

•      Explain the shifting strategy of the BMW 6 Speed transmission

•      Analyze transmission adaptation values

•      Explain an oil change service procedure

•      Explain how to properly check the oil in the transmission

•      Describe the common failure of the BMW 6 Speed transmission

•      Describe the rebuild process of an 6HP

BMW Advanced Diagnostic Techniques - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 12/5-6
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BMW Advanced Diagnostic Techniques - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 12/5-6


with Seth Thorson

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  • In depth operational theory & testing strategies for: Engine, Body, and Chassis Systems Engine performance (OBD2 and Advance testing Techniques)
  • Emission systems ( SCR, DMTL, etc...)
  • Engine mechanical
  • Network Systems
  • Drive Train (Transmission, Transfer Case)
  • Body (Body modules and MOST Bus Audio Testing)
  • Dusting off your scope ( uScope, Snap On, Pico)

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