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Nissens Level 2 (In Person) In Depth 134A & 1234yf Temperature / Pressure Diagnostics (IRVINE, CA)


with Michael Ingvardsen

Calendar Aug 5, 2023 at 9 am

Where: SSF Training Center 14250 Myford Road, Irvine, CA 92606

Time: 9:00AM - 1:00PM 

***Attendees may not be accepted if course reaches capacity. Refunds will be issued for courses that are canceled due to low enrollment. (Travel reimbursements are excluded)

Amenities: Hot breakfast  

The training class focus on the advanced diagnosis of an AC system using the relation between pressure and temperature. This enables the technician to make a much more accurate and precise diagnosis of the issues on hand with the AC system. As swell as making the technician able to optimize the performance of the AC system. To fully understand the AC system and to benefit from the improved and enhanced component development a thorough run through of the individual components as well as the development in technology. The enhanced features does offer a more sophisticated and precise heat transfer in the AC system. To diagnose the AC system correctly a variety of specialty tools are available in the market. These can be used to determine the quality of the refrigerant, ECV valve performance (Compressor), cleaning the AC system (which methods works, and which are questionable), Leak Detection, is there only one way to do so?


With the vast majority of Electric and Hybrid vehicles having Heat-Pumps instead of normal AC systems there are also a higher risk of making a diagnostic mistake. This is due to the higher complexity of the design of the Heat-Pump system. Therefore, the processes/ best practices that are implemented in servicing a R134a or R1234yf must be in place to make a proper diagnostical assessment of a Heat-Pump system. The temperature-pressure relation must be in place to monitor the system correctly. With this training class you will be fully prepared for the upcoming Heat-Pump training class which will aim at Expert technicians.

What If a Shop Needs to Cancel? 

Please email: at least one day before the training date and you will receive a full refund less the service fee charged by our training platform. 

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